Golf clubs and government entities alike are under increasing pressure to reduce their expenditures without sacrificing quality, a tall order for any grounds or course manager. New golf course equipment in Florida is largely purchased or leased on a three or four year schedule. At the end of those contracts golf courses return the used turf equipment and buy new golf course machinery, just like you would a new car. Many of these pre-owned turf equipment products have plenty of life left in them and with a minimal touch up, they do just fine. Wesco has first pick of this equipment because the existing turf equipment finance companies want to write the next maintenance equipment package with us. In many cases our teams have been personally servicing the off lease turf maintenance equipment throughout its lifecycle. There are a lot of vendors advertising used turf equipment for sale, rest assured that the golf course mowers offered by Wesco Turf are among the very best in the world!

Wesco has over 26 factory certified service technicians in three locations as well as proprietary pricing on OEM parts and service. We have all of the expertise and resources to ensure our used golf course equipment is safe and will provide you with the best value possible.

Wesco also offers many options or flexibility on the maintenance or warranty on your used turf equipment purchase with us, for more information visit our
Certified Blue Warranty section.


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Equipment Financing

With budget pressures suffocating even the most well capitalized customers, we partner with each account to secure the best deal on equipment financing. We have active relationships with multiple financial partners. Wesco offers a flexible, full line of competitive financing offerings for commercial, landscape contractor, and irrigation products.

Our customers' success is reliant upon their ability to purchase the right equipment. Our financing programs can help you accomplish this. Let us show you how.

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