In preparation for Hurricane Irma, we recommend these precautions to minimize damage to your equipment and irrigation system in the event of flooding:


Before Severe Weather w/ potential Flooding:

  1. Disconnect the battery. 
  2. Seal or plug the exhaust pipe with plastic. Wrap the thick plastic or trash bag around exhaust pipe opening and use a rubber band to secure in place. 
  3. Wrap the air filter housing with plastic and secure with string or bungie cord. 
  4. Cover the engine, if possible, with a tarp secured with bungie cords. At minimum cover and secure the carburetor with a plastic bag or trash bag. 
  5. Time permitting, remove all the electrical relays from the machine. Cover the electrical harness connectors with plastic bags and secure with rubber bands. 
  6. Remember water travels the path of least resistance, try to Identify the paths that may be traveled and water proof them. 

After Severe Weather w/ potential Flooding:

  1. Dry the engine compartment using compressed air 
  2. Drain, flush and refill all fluids 
  3. Clean all electrical connections and apply dielectric grease to protect from corrosion 

Irrigation System

Before Severe Weather w/ potential Flooding:

  1. Shut off power to your pump station(s). 
  2. Shut off all electrical disconnects to isolate equipment from power source. 
  3. Disable power to all field satellite power sources. 
  4. Toggle the field satellite power switch to the off position. 
  5. Lock all controllers and secure doors with shrink wrap or tape. 
  6. Remove faceplates from Toro VP and Toro LTC + Field Satellites and Receiver cards from OSMAC satellites. 
  7. Backup central software data and store copy off site. 
  8. Power off all central control hardware, secure, and elevate from floor. 

After Severe Weather w/ potential Flooding:

  1. Remove all satellite cabinet doors and open the lid. 
  2. Visually inspect satellite cabinet and power supply. 
  3. Allow controllers to dry out completely before powering on. 
  4. Blow out and remove any silt or debris from cabinet once dry. 
  5. Verify correct power has been restored before turning on any power source breakers. 
  6. Inspect field satellite power sources before powering on controllers. 
  7. Pump stations as above. 
  8. Make sure all moisture has been removed before powering on pump panel.

Primary Points of Contact for Response:

Contact your Wesco Turf Primary Representative for Assistance 800-486-8873.