**UPDATED 11/13/17

Attention Current myTurf Users,

We are excited to be nearing the launch of the Next Generation of the myTurf System! Existing myTurf subscribers will receive important emails throughout the migration process from Toro and Wesco Turf.


To register to receive myTurf® updates by going to the following link where he can sign up to receive myTurf® Pro updates http://commercial.toro.com/myturf-pro-updates/



The link to our training videos (including a 1.5 hour detailed training) and Instructional Application Notes is at: https://www.mytoronsn.com/myturf/videos/


**Toro is closing in on the soft launch of myTurf. While bug fix / performance hardening has taken a little longer than expected, they tell us the application is really looking good. This update is to go over our current release timeline and milestones as well as brief you (start recruiting) for User Acceptance Testing. 

**Current Launch Timeline

Based on our current planning, expectations for launch are as follows:



November 28

Final e-mail to customers regarding launch procedure (logging into the new system, etc.)

December 1

End of Day shutdown of myTurf Classic

December 4 - 6

Final Data and User Migration

December 7

myTurf Pro System available for Distributors & Toro Internal

December 11

myTurf Pro System available for existing Customers (Soft Launch)

January 29

Market Launch of myTurf Pro in Prep for GIS


**Some notes regarding Launch Process from Toro:

  • Some functionality will not be available at Soft Launch – Planned for Market Launch:

o   Customer Reports (first set covering fleet maintenance and TCO planned for Market Launch)

  • We intend to provide access to myTurf Classic to run reports on historical data prior to Market Launch. However, this system will only be used for reporting after soft launch. It will not be synched with myTurf Pro after final data migration.

o   Announcements

o   User Interface Translations

  • New customer enrollment will be available after Soft Launch by invite (from Toro) only. We do not want to open it up to everyone until market Launch, especially with caveats of Reporting functionality not yet complete
  • Over the past month, we have been working on what we have prioritized as critical issues that had to be fixed prior to soft launch. As with any software, that does not mean that all known issues (and probably a number of unknown ones) are corrected. We hope to have release notes at launch which will detail any functions known to have issues. 

Currently, Toro's plan for launch is as follows:
  • **Classic version of myTurf will go offline on December 1. Toro will also provide multiple communications and announcements leading up to the actual date to ensure all customers are aware.
  • Migration of existing customer data will take approximately one week where customers will NOT have system access.
    • How to order during this time:
  • Following data migration and confidence testing, the new myTurf System will be brought online for existing customers.
  • Market announcement on availability of the new system (new customer enrollment) approximately ½ month after existing customers go live.
  • Existing customers will be given information on how to access (log into) the new system before it goes live. The new system will use e-mail addresses as the usernames. Toro is creating a plan for users who currently share one e-mail address.
  • Due to changes in ecommerce, Order History will NOT migrate into the new system. Customers should capture this information if they want it for future reference.
  • Market announcement of new myTurf. Enrollment for new customers will be opened.

When the new system is available, there will be some steps that need to be taken by myTurf Administration and Distributor Administration prior to full functionality being available. Toro will provide communication as we get closer that will outline what you should expect to see.

Existing customers will be given information on how to access (log into) the new system before it goes live. The new system will use e-mail addresses as the usernames. We are creating the plan for users who currently share one e-mail address to log in and be able to set up their account correctly.

Account Changes

In Preparation for Launch, we have put a freeze on administration changes to prepare for data migration – we are no longer accepting account changes, user adds, model adds, etc. in the Classic system.

Customer Training

• Video Tutorials and Application Notes regarding the new system can be found at the below Web Address. There is a 1.5 Hour Training labeled “myTurf Pro Extended Training” that leads you though an overview and then a demo of some of the functionality in the new system: https://www.mytoronsn.com/myturf/videos.

Subscription Information

The new myTurf has two subscription levels:
• myTurf Standard – Free version equivalent to “Fleet” in myTurf Classic
• myTurf Pro – Paid Subscription equivalent to TCO in myTurf Classic

myTurf Pro Subscription: Starting January 1, 2018, the subscription Price for myTurf Pro will be $65 USD monthly or $715 USD annually (12 months for the price of 11). Customers can renew/pay their annual subscription early, prior to December 31, and receive the discounted rate ($649 USD annual) for one more year.

For those customer at the PM Level – You can still renew at your current rate through December 31, but you will be upgraded to Pro-level functionality with the new system and will be invoiced the Pro rates starting January 1.

Multi-location (multi-site) discounts will still be available. Contact your Toro Distributor for details.

myTurf Support

NSN Technical Support will remain as the front line customer support for myTurf customers. NSN chat, e-mail, and phone support will all be active at launch. Support e-mails will remain the same:
• NSN Technical Support: myTurfSupport@Toro.com 
• myTurf Administrator: myTurfCustomer@Toro.com

While Toro strives to hold to this launch plan and timing, please be aware that unforeseen circumstances in software development and launch could arise. We will communicate regularly regarding shifts in schedule.



Please help us ensure that we are communicating these important updates to the correct myTurf user at your organization.  

Please let us know immediately by CLICKING HERE.



Learn even more at toro.com/myturfpro.

Please contact Candy Mizer at candy.mizer@wescoturf.com or 941-487-6853.