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myTurf® Next Generation 

Toro is excited to be nearing the launch of myTurf Next Generation! This is the first communication announcing release and launch plans for myTurf. You will receive additional communications as we near launch date including any steps you must take once we transition to the new system. 


We are excited to be nearing the launch of the Next Generation of the myTurf System! This is the first communication announcing release and launch plans for the Next Generation of myTurf. Initial details follow. You will be receiving additional communications as we near launch date including any steps you must take once we transition to the new system.

All customers (and your data / history) will be migrated to the new system at launch.

Launch Timing

Currently, our plan for launch is as follows:

  • Classic version of myTurf will go offline in late-October. There will be multiple communications and announcements leading up to the actual date to ensure all customers are aware.
  • Migration of existing Customer Data will take approximately one week where customers will not have system
  • Following data migration and confidence testing, the new myTurf System will be brought online for existing
  • Market announcement on availability of the new system (new customer enrollment) approximately ½ month after existing customers go live.

When the new system is available, there will be some steps that need to be taken by myTurf Administration and Distributor Administration prior to full functionality being available. Toro will provide communication as we get closer that will outline what you should expect to see.

Existing customers will be given information on how to access (log into) the new system before it goes live. The new system will use e-mail addresses as the usernames. We are creating the plan for users who currently share one e-mail address to log in and be able to set up their account correctly.

Customer Data

Due to differences in the system, the following dates and plan items are important to understand.

In Preparation for Launch:

  • We will need to put an early freeze on administration changes to account to prepare for data migration:
    • September 15 – Last day to request account changes, model adds, etc. in the Classic system.

Capabilities of the New System

Next generation myTurf is a complete rewrite/re-platform of the myTurf System, bringing the system up to modern Web-technology standards and enhancing usability while adding features and functionality. All current functionality you use regularly is planned for the new system. Some key changes and upgrades to the system include:

  • Mobile-enabled, Multi-browser, Responsive Design – Computers, Tablets, Phones (Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Multi-Lingual User Interface (English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese)
  • Customer Self Service – Customer will now have the ability to:
    • Enroll and start using system, immediately
    • Manage Location Details
      • Contact Information
      • Subscription Level & Details
      • Addresses (Addresses will still need to be verified for parts ordering)
      • Users
    • Manage Personal Profile Details
      • Details
      • Username (e-mail) & Password
      • User Interface Display Language
  • Key Functional Upgrades
    • Expanded Asset Types (Equipment, Attachments, Irrigation, Other)
      • Track Maintenance and Repairs / Order Parts for your Toro irrigation System.
    • Fuel Tracking capabilities for Equipment
    • Alert for new Service Bulletins from Toro for a Model/Serial
    • Expanded Maintenance Alerts
      • Maintenance Coming Due – Next 25 Hours
      • Maintenance Due – Parts Needed (Parts not in inventory)
        • Ability to “create” a recommended shopping cart based on this Notification
      • Maintenance Due – Parts On Hand
      • Work Order in Process
      • Equipment Down for Maintenance
    • Parts Ordering
      • Cart Requiring Supervisor Approval Flag
      • Users must “Receive Parts” to add to Inventory
    • User Rolls
      • Asset Manager (full rights)
      • Technician (some limits to functional rights)
        • Can complete a work order, but not close
        • Can create a cart, but cannot place an order
    • Admin Roles
      • Location Administrator (full Admin rights to a Location)
      • Organization/Entity Administrator (Admin rights to all Locations in an Organization)
    • User Reports will present/generate as an Excel Spreadsheet Download

To learn more, visit

Customer Training

  • Some brief video tutorials have been created to help existing customers understand functionality in the new system. Those can be accessed through the NSN Portal at:
  • A software user manual is being created by Toro Tech pubs and will be available online at launch.
  • Additional training will be announced as it is created.

Subscription Information

The new myTurf has two subscription levels:

  • myTurf Standard – Free version equivalent to “Fleet” in myTurf Classic
  • myTurf Pro – Paid Subscription equivalent to TCO in myTurf Classic

myTurf Pro Subscription: Starting January 1, 2018, the subscription Price for myTurf Pro will be $65 USD monthly or $715 USD annually (12 months for the price of 11). Customers can renew/pay their annual subscription early, prior to December 31, and receive the discounted rate ($649 USD annual) for one more year.

Multi-location (multi-site) discounts will still be available. Contact your Toro Distributor for details.

myTurf Support

NSN Technical Support will remain as the front line customer support for myTurf customers. NSN chat, e-mail, and phone support will all be active at launch. Support e-mails will remain the same:

  • NSN Technical Support:
  • myTurf Administrator:

While we strive to hold to this launch plan and timing, please be aware that unforeseen circumstances in software development and launch could arise. We will communicate regularly regarding shifts in schedule.

Sneak Peek of myTurf

Become familiar with myTurf Next Generation with these short video tutorials. These videos help users understand functionality in the new system.


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