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Toro Equipment Service Florida

Wesco Turf Commercial Service

Commercial Equipment

Sometimes our customers don't have the resources to perform repairs or conduct scheduled maintenance as often as they should. Wesco can maintain your equipment to operate at peak performance with limited downtime. We will maintain and repair your equipment, documenting all maintenance records. Our contracts provide the insurance of a fixed maintenance budget, lower operating costs, and ultimately, better trade-in values. We provide detailed maintenance agreements to match equipment with your budget. Our service offerings also include onsite equipment, technician training, and safety training.

  • Monthly maintenance contracts
  • Extended warranty
  • Safety training & certification
  • Operator Training
  • Technician education & certification

Golf and Grounds Equipment

Wesco has the largest commercial golf and grounds equipment service facilities in the world. You read it right . . . the world. We have three locations with over thirty full time certified technicians dedicated to world class support.  We have over thirty certified service technicians in three convenient locations.  We have seven more advisors and two expediters in our service shops fielding your calls every day.  

In 2004 Wesco built a 20,000 sq. ft. state of the art service shop in Sarasota to support our Southwest Florida golf and grounds customer base. In 2008 we updated 15,000 sq. ft. in our Lake Mary facility and we have another 5,000 sq. ft. in Jacksonville. In 2015, Wesco Turf purchases former FedEx 37,501 square foot distribution building to further expand the Sarasota service shop.  We move every piece of equipment with our own fleet and we have six mobile service technicians to address immediate issues and train your people in the field.

Golf club equipment managers have the option to use Toro's free MyTurf fleet management software to ensure that every oil change, reel grind, and belt tightening happens right on schedule. We host technical training sessions for your staff throughout the year on electrical, hydraulics, after cut appearance, shop best practices, general diagnostics. We can also offer you on site equipment, operator, and safety training.

Why is Our Service Different?

Wesco has over 10,000 parts in stock on site and we offer a free inspection every time a product comes in for repair. Why? In our experience over 50% of the time a machine needs more than what was intended to be repaired. Consider if you took your car into a dealer for new brakes. They install new brakes but they did not find that you also had a broken headlight. The dealer returns the car to you with the broken headlight and of course you ask, "Why didn't you fix my headlight?" It's easier, faster and simpler for our customers to use our experts at our facilities with all of the proper tools and OEM parts. We can and will inspect and complete everything our customer authorizes. And, we will do it in record time.

Fred Smith from Federal Express got a C on his term paper outlining the business plan for overnight mail delivery. Fly everything to Memphis and when you have enough scale, the business will revolutionize overnight delivery. Wesco has the scale and the resources to complete every repair on time with total customer satisfaction. We have revolutionized service much in the same way.

Preventative Maintenance

Optimize the appearance of your sports fields or golf course. We will maintain your equipment on schedule to ensure productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Equipment Fleet Service

Factory certified technicians are at your service when seasonal requirements call for on site fleet assistance. Keep your technicians on track and payroll in check.

Sprayer Calibration

We offer everything from calibration to complete system rebuilds. Maintain proper application practices, healthy turf, and lower chemical costs.


Contact the Service Department

Toll free lines are available to connect you to our Commercial Service Team.

Sarasota: (888) 245-4058
Lake Mary: (866) 348-0227
Jacksonville: (800) 900-1513

Maintenance Contracts

Stephen Rice: (407) 956-0441

Talk to Us: Call 800-486-8873 or Email

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