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What Exactly is Certified Blue?

Shopping for pre-owned turf equipment can be confusing and frustrating. Certified Blue provides "peace of mind". How do you know excess rust wasn't covered with a quick paint job? Were old, used parts installed on your machine? Many used equipment outfits provide little information let alone a warranty or guarantee. Wesco's Certified Blue programs provide extra assurance to all of our pre-owned equipment. Certified Blue is an exclusive benefit from Wesco that distinguishes our Pre-Owned equipment to be the very best.

What Shade of 'BLUE' is Right for You?

We've got several 'shades of blue' to cover all parts of the equipment purchase, from drive train to cutting unit(s). Standard Blue is our basic certification and guarantees that every certified unit checks out operationally, including critical mechanical and safety systems. First-Class Blue involves a complete overhaul of the cutting implement(s). Premium Blue is our highest level of certification and offers a comprehensive re-work of the entire unit. Premium Blue redefines pre-owned equipment expectations. Certified Blue has you covered!

Certified Blue's Coverage, Exclusions, and Conditions

All Certified Blue programs come with a limited drive train warranty. This warranty includes the engine/motor, power transmission components, final drive assemblies, and "wheel motors". OEM Parts, labor and transportation will be provided by Wesco Turf for covered repairs. There is no coverage or reimbursement for services provided by other parties.

Excluded components and repairs include all normal wear and / or maintenance items such as, but not limited to: filters, tires, batteries, belts, hoses, brake linings, blades, bearings and seats. Additionally, there is no coverage resulting from accidents or other causes of physical damage that are not due to a mechanical breakdown. Cosmetic repairs to sheet metal, molding, glass, paint, seat covers, and fabrics are also excluded from coverage.

End user is responsible for performing physical inspections and maintenance as outlined in the operator's manual. Examples of this include daily inspections of fluids, lubricants, and coolants. The Certified Blue warranty does not cover damage from abuse, misuse, or improper maintenance. Our limited warranty on pre-owned equipment is valid for either 30, 90, or 180 days from date of delivery. Claims must be made within the active warranty period. The Certified Blue warranties are non-transferable.

Certified Blue FAQs
Options are 30 day, 90 day, and 6 month "Internal Drive Train Protection" (Engine, Transmission, Final Drive components) for machines purchased from Wesco Turf.
The Certified Blue plans include warranty transportation. Wesco Turf will provide the pick-up/delivery of equipment between customer/distributor locations or provide FREE parts delivery for your mechanic to complete the qualified repairs.
Coverage always begins at the date of purchase and customer takes delivery. Coverage ends when the contract term or hours expire, whichever is first, or when claims have reached the Loss Limit for the machine.
The loss limits are 25% for any single repair or lifetime payout of 50% or $25,000.00, whichever is less. All Loss Limits are based on the Total Equipment Purchase Price as recorded on the Wesco Turf Equipment Plan.
The customer is responsible for the cost of any non-covered parts and labor, excess transportation expenses, sales tax, environmental charges, excess shop supplies, etc. Generally, the customer pays any cost other than the Parts & Labor.
The plan contains typical exclusions such as: alterations, abuse, misuse, negligence, collision, fire, theft, vandalism, weather related causes, and acts of god.
The customer is responsible for performing the normal and manufacturer recommended maintenance. Such as: daily inspections of fluids, lubricants, and coolants.
Coverage is provided for sudden and unforeseen mechanical breakdown of covered components. A breakdown must result from the failure of a covered part or component. The breakdown must occur in normal use of the machine and be sudden and unforeseen. There must be no evidence of abuse, misuse or overloading. If requested, there must be evidence of proper maintenance.
Certified Blue plans do NOT require that a deductible be paid by the customer.
No, unless required in conjunction with a covered repair. Items such as: filters, spark plugs, hydraulic hoses, belts, clutch and brake linings, tires, batteries, blades, and spray nozzles are among those excluded.
No, unless required in conjunction with a covered repair. Items such as: sheet metal, molding, glass, paint, seat covers, fabrics, lamps, and lenses are among those excluded.

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